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Letter to Sherry Dixon from President Barack Obama dated May 2, 2013I received this letter from the White House. Thank you to Guam Governor’s Office in Washington, DC for posting an official request for my book to be read by the White House.

Natural Destiny is dedicated to my mother, Bernie, and the thousands of other Guamanians who suffered under the Japanese occupation during World War II. Eight-year-old Bernie spends three of her precious childhood years as a prisoner in a concentration camp on the island of Guam during World War II. Cry with her when she sees her home village of Sumay burn to the ground. Share her fear when she sees her first execution. Laugh with her when she sees the Japanese soldiers’ reaction to the Taotaomo’na. Share her elation when after three years of captivity, the American soldiers liberate her island. Based on a true story, follow Bernie as she picks up the pieces of a broken life and learns what real faith and courage is all about.

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  1. Janet Smyth says:

    Natural Destiny is a story, not just of one girl’s survival, but of the Pacific flower garden she planted using her life experiences to teach her CHILDREN how to flourish. By the end of the book, I wanted Bernie to adopt me. You’ve got to read this story!

  2. The story is unique, being a biography within a biography. It presents the history of the Guamanian people during the Japanese invasion, it presents psychological insight into a survivors mental process, and it shows how events can affect us and our children long afterward. I truly enjoyed the first read.

  3. trish graf says:

    I am now into chapter 7 of this book I can’t wait to turn the pages. It is a fascinating story , told with honest and realistic voice. I can’t wait to finish the reading of this book. I just had to comment when I came to the blog

  4. Deb Pusillo says:

    Bernie’s ‘natural destiny’ has many lessons for us all. This little girl’s ability to ‘change the way she looked at things’ in times of utter turmoil and tragedy, was her saving grace – one that is being passed down to generations. The author has taken us on a journey from the memories of a little girl held captive during the invasion of Guam, to the memories she herself reflects upon by being blessed with her precious mother, Bernie. We all have choices in life and we can all positively influence others by stories such as this.

  5. Jeff Walters says:

    I have had the privilege of hearing and reading much of the message in Natural Destiny and I can hardly wait for the opportunity to read the book. The strength, courage and determination required to overcome this magnitude of adversity leaves me encouraged. Sherry has the ability to lead us to reach down and grow beyond what we thought was possible.

  6. Joe Shelley says:

    Mrs. Dixon tells a story about a young girls spirit of heart like no one can.

  7. Sandy says:


    This is fantastic. This book is going to touch a million lives, I just know it. I can’t wait to read it. Is it finished, or are you still in the editing process? What a wonderful way to keep your mother’s memories alive for generations to come, so we can learn and grow from them.

  8. Gary says:

    I believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. It is obvious to me that every now and then strife breeds compassion. I am eagerly awaiting the story of Bernie’s experience through you caring eyes.

  9. Pat Tinsley says:

    In Bernie’s recollection of the events of her childhood she shows us that it is possible to change your perspective of events around you and how it will impact the rest of your life. Not only did her ability to change her perspective have a profound effect on her life it has also impacted the lives of those around her. This in itself is a true gift and shows an immense inner strength. I don’t know that I would be able to do that. Bernie’s experiences have molded her character as well as that of her children. She is brave beyond what words could express; not only as she grew up on the tiny island of Guam but as she has recalled these events and shared them with the author. I’m so glad she chose to share these memories because I think it is important for us to know and be reminded of the terrible atrocities of war. Sherry has done an excellent job of putting her Mother’s memories into words to be shared with us.

  10. Elena says:

    I had the privilege to hear this story directly from the author. It is an amazing story of some sort of innate strength that no one could describe. The courage this little child must have had to overcome all that she did is absolutely amazing and phenomenal. Thanks for writing this story. I can’t wait to read the story in its entirety.

  11. Debbie M says:

    What a wonderful read this book it!! What a truly inspiring story. I am fortunate enough to have heard the author speak about this book and I have even met the courageous “Bernie” in person. This book is a must read to inform people of the horrible things that go on during war. I can’t wait for the next book Sherry.

  12. Natural Destiny is an amazing book and work of love by first time author Sherry Dixon! She has woven a story based on the true account of her mother’s life during WWII that will captivate you from the time you read the first lines until you read the last. It not only tells of the atrocities of WWII on the island of Guam, but it tells how a young girl survived all that with love, courage, family, faith, and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book!!

    Debi Merchant
    author, speaker, and humorist

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