I have a long list of books that have inspired me.  I will list some of them as posts on this page.

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell was the first “thick” book I read.  I found that I loved long, thick books because if the book was good, I did not want them to end.  This was a classic fiction book.

One of my favorite books is written by Dr. Seuss.  The title is Are You My Mother?  I learned that there are many traits that make a mother and blood is not necessarily one of those traits.

I read The Word by Irving Wallace when I was a junior in high school.  It is about a fraud that proved that Jesus Christ was not the savior.  The world reacted in total chaos.

The Holy Bible was the first book that inspired me.  Although I was raised as a Catholic, I was exposed along the way to the St. James Version of the Bible.  However, my preference now is the New Standard Revised version of the Bible.

The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter was another book on my Inspiration List.  It is a story about a young boy raised by his Cherokee grandfather and grandmother.  His lessons came from Mother Nature’s textbook.  Be prepared to laugh, cry and love this book!

The New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle introduced me to a totally new spirituality.

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  1. let me know what you think when you have had a chance to look at the blog site.

    • Finn Schefstad says:


      The short chapter descriptions made me want to know more. Your mother could not have picked a better author. Best wishes in being able to share this story for others to read.

    • Robin McKarns says:

      Sherry, Very nice website! You are the only other person I know of who was powerfully influenced by Irving Wallace’s The Word. I was 13 when I first read it-Big impact and it taught me to question everything.
      I also was fortunate to have a priest (Fr. Griffin) teach a class on the Old Testament-he went through the political changes in history and how the Bible has been manipulated by various agendas.
      I think I’ll reread The Word now and compare reactions.

      • Robin, Thanks so much for your nice words and for taking the time to comment. At the time I read The Word all those years ago, I had no idea that my opinion, that of being open to possibilities, was not an opinion shared by others. At that time I also learned much about myself and how sure I was about my feelings. After you reread The Word let me know how it went.

  2. Margie Dunbar says:

    Hello Sherry,
    Yesterday, I met you at SKF and was intrigued by your conversation with Sue about your book. I love intellectual people that can embrace this quirky concoction that we live in today. Each chapter’s synopsis of your book are like bait on a fishing hook! (Wow! That rhymed) LOL! I am looking forward to reading a “signed” copy. I am not a paper back reader and do not like reading digitally. I prefer to read while relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine or curled up on the couch with a glass of wine. Either or the glass of wine must be present!
    Happy Writing,

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